We duplicate every single media format made on the planet today!

We provide high quality disc duplication on premium blank optical media discs for CD, DVD, and Blu-ray Discs. We'll duplicate 1 unit to 500 units after which disc replication makes more sense!

Our blank media are flood coated white so our 4-color high quality (300 dpi) face label ink jet printing really makes your disc POP!

And we're experts at loading USB flash media thumb drives and other flash media formats! Data loading, data locking and partitioning functionality can be provided — and we'll add "auto run" functionality at no charge!

SD cards and MicroSD cards can be loaded to capacity with data as well but are somewhat limited for customizations like auto run, data locking and loading and partitioning.

We provide External Hard Drives in various sizes and formats, branded with your company logo and duplicated in quantity. SSD drives too!

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Disc Duplication Services � Optical Media Manufacturing

Optical Media

Disc Duplication: CD, DVD5, DVD9, BD25, BD50

4 and 5 color Everest print

Retail Packaging

USB Drives Duplication by OMM

USB Drives

Fully customizable, USB drives allow a new type of delivery of your material to clients. Available in both regular and micro drives. Range of sizes from 2 GB � 64 GB in both USB 2.0 and USB 3.0.

SD Cards Duplication Sevices by OMM

SD Cards

SD Cards are similar in nature to USB, but limited in that they cannot be customized themselves. Sizes ranging up to 16 GB.

External Hard Drives Duplication � Optical Media Manufacturing

External Hard Drives (HDDs)

Perfect as a physical backup for large online storage files, our hard drives come in various sizes and can be branded with your company logo.