OMM provides a myriad of solutions to protect your content on disc or USB from being ripped or pirated.

Starting with Fortium Digital Media Security Solutions — we provide Patronus DVD anti-rip copy protection — a reliable anti-rip content security for DVD video that protects against 130 ripping programs! Can be applied on DVD-R Duplication and DVD replication with/without CSS.

Blu-Lock is our choice for Blu-ray disc anti-copy protection to reliably prevent unauthorized copying of high definition video content.

DVD PIN-Play is a unique DVD playback protection solution that protects sensitive video content from ripping programs. Discs are only viewable to viewers who hold a Personal Identification Number that unlocks the DVD in their computer drive for viewing. Works with both single and dual-layer content, and integrates with forensic watermarking.

We are also an authorized distributor of TrustCont, a protection solution for locking documents and spreadsheets onto CD. Protected files can be opened naturally within standard readers and apps but cannot be saved, copied or modified in any way.

We are serious about video copy protection!

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Anti-Piracy Protection: Disc & USB Services at OMM